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Clinical Pharmacy Consultation Request

This is a professional service of the Medication Consultation Unit at Cairo University Specialized Pediatric Hospital. 
The Medication Consultation Unit is not able to answer inquiries from outside the hospital
If you would prefer to contact the Medication Consultation Unit directly or if you have any concern, please find us at the Clinical Pharmacy Department or send an email to
It may be necessary to contact you for additional information. Please enter your contact email and the detailed Clinical Pharmacy Consultation Request above.

# Low priority  requests will be answered within the day (Due in 3 days).
# Medium priority  requests will be answered within 7 hours (Due in a day).
# High priority  requests will be answered within 3 hours (Due in 11 hours).
# Urgent requests will be answered within 1 hour (Due in 3 hours).

- Every ICU has 2 groups, we encourage to contact the Seniors groups only with advanced clinical situations and with Urgent requests.

* If you are using this service for the first time, Check your email first to activate your account.
* Our response to your question will be sent to your email, by one of our clinical pharmacists, as soon as possible. 
* To see all your previous requests and the answers sent to you, follow this link.
* If the request form above does not appear in this page, you can send us your request through this link.

If you are facing any problem, please contact us by email.